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Saving Energy

EREN’s activities in the energy sector are founded on the conviction that the answer to today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges lies in an optimised management of resources, as well as in the promotion of alternative energy consumption and generation methods.

In addition to being an independent power producer of renewable energy in several countries, EREN also invests in innovative solutions to save energy. EREN strives to implement solutions and create tools for consumers that prevent costly and pollution-heavy consumption at peak times in ways that are reliable, high-performance, and readily available.


Through its two subsidiaries Voltalis and FAFCO, EREN promotes and participates in the development of innovative technologies to better regulate energy demand. Voltalis’s core business is to install a specific box on its clients’ premises that enables to modulate and reduce electricity consumption of households and commercial clients alike. FAFCO provides cold storage solutions to industrial and commercial clients to smooth out energy demand and thereby reduce peak-time demand.