énergies renouvelables en Afrique

Eren in Africa


Electricity needs on the African continent are considerable: with a total installed capacity lower than that of Spain (excluding South Africa), Africa numbers some 600 million people who have no access to electricity, equal to about 70% of the population. Existing power plants often produce electricity from fossil fuels, which is both polluting and costly. Yet, the effects of access to electricity on human and economic development are huge: increasing installed electric capacity and increasingly resorting to renewable energies could transform the African economy and way of life.

Several African countries offer countless opportunities, both in terms of providing electricity at competitive prices in areas connected to the grid, and of providing electricity to isolated sites.


Convinced that success in Africa primarily requires solid skills, knowledge of the field and local credibility, EREN has set up two development platforms for photovoltaic, wind and hybrid (diesel and photovoltaic) projects dedicated to Africa:

  • ACCESS Infra Africa, set up in 2015 as the result of an association with ACCESS Power MEA, a company based in Dubai that specialises in the development of renewable energy projects;
  • AREN Energy, based in Johannesburg and set up in 2013 through a joint-venture with Inca Energy, which develops photovoltaic and wind projects in Africa.
  • Winch Energy, based in the UK, that elaborated the Rural Power Unit (RPU), a containerized solar hybrid power plant combined with battery storage system, to increase electricity access in rural areas.

These platforms cover almost entirely the continent and enable EREN to offer a large range of solutions, through large-scale projects feeding into the electricity grid, small- to mid-size projects to supply electricity to private industrial clients and modular and reliable technologies to catalyze local economy.
With this complete and diversified approach, EREN intends to become a leading independent power producer of clean and affordable electricity over the long term in Africa.
EREN’s financing capacity, along with the experience of its teams in project development, enable EREN to invest in and commit to projects from the initial stage throughout Africa.
By selling electricity to public and private clients active mainly in the exploration and use of natural resources, EREN hopes to become a leading independent power producer of clean and affordable electricity over the long term in Africa.

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