The words
of the founders


With the world’s population and the consumption of natural resources per inhabitant constantly increasing, it is necessary to question the balance between economic growth, essential to improve living conditions, and the pressure it places on the availability and quality of natural resources.

An optimal relationship between the quantity of resources used and the outputs obtained –or efficiency – is the key response to this major challenge: the cheapest energy is the energy we choose not to consume. This principle of frugality applies as much to energy commodities, water production or the use of construction materials.

Nowadays, technological innovations enable us to cut down wastage in a profitable manner, by spending less than the value of the resources saved. This conviction is the reason why we have founded EREN.

Pâris Mouratoglou, David Corchia

EREN’s objective is to make reliable and competitive technologies available in order to utilize natural resources more efficiently. We are hoping to unite all of our stakeholders around this ambition (industrial and financial partners from both the public and private sectors, current and future clients, institutional players, personnel and managers) and ensure that each and every one of us rises to this challenge which concerns us all.